How to Attract and Retain Employer-Sponsored Students

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A sharp increase in demand from employer-sponsored working adults for non-degree educational opportunities has contributed to exponential growth in the short-form learning landscape in recent years.

As more and more companies decide to underwrite their employees’ education, understanding the evolving landscape that prospective students must navigate —and where your institution fits within it— is critical for a successful recruitment and enrollment strategy.

Watch the webinar on-demand for an exciting panel discussion hosted by Michael Horn and featuring eCornell Executive Director Paul Krause, OpenClassrooms Vice President of Channel Partnerships Rémy Granville, and Pathstream Vice President of Learning Experience Lauren Pizer. We'll discuss how to understand where your institution fits within the landscape and how to attract and retain employer-sponsored students.

Who should watch this webinar?

The short-form learning landscape is booming.


Non-degree learning programs interested in enrolling more employer-sponsored students in an increasingly crowded market

Leaders of academic institutions interested in better understanding and meeting the needs of working adult learners

Employers interested in understanding the non-degree and short form learning opportunities they can make available to their employees

Creating a new talent playbook

The integration of technology, media, and information platforms and business dependencies has triggered significant mergers and acquisitions over the past decade to control the channels, the content, and the insights about the users. This has resulted in a significant overlap in the type of talent these companies are seeking.

Combine that with the pandemic—which has accelerated digital transformation and heightened competition for talent—and business leaders are finding themselves at a pivotal moment in determining talent strategy. How can you plan for different scenarios and build a workforce that is trained for the jobs of today and tomorrow?

The key is to create the right upskilling and reskilling strategy. 

To help leaders build a strong learning function and an adaptable talent playbook, this report lays out:


The 2020 Information Industry Talent Strategy Report

Workforce Trends and Reskilling Paths

Enrollment is projected to drop sharply after 2025

Download the report for more information.

Enrollment is projected to drop sharply after 2025

We help learning providers serve more working adult students


Michael Horn

Lauren Pizer

Michael B. Horn is a bestselling scholar on disruptive innovation with multiple books on education, including Choosing College: How to Make Better Learning Decisions Throughout Your Life and the award-winning book Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns. He is co-founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation and Senior Strategist at Guild Education

Award-Winning Author, Co-Founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute, and Senior Strategist at Guild Education
Vice President of Learning Experience at Pathstream

Lauren brings over 11 years of experience in learning design, student experience and program management in K-12, higher education, and startups. She is also a former design thinking lecturer at Stanford University teaching Designing Your Life. At Pathstream, Lauren has led the design and creation of certificates in the areas of Digital Marketing, Salesforce, Immersive Design, Data Analysis and Project Management. Before moving to California, Lauren was a middle school guidance counselor in Brooklyn, NY. 

Understanding the Short-Form Learning Boom:

Paul Krause

Executive Director at eCornell and Vice Provost for External Education at Cornell University

Paul Krause is the Vice Provost for External Education at Cornell University and the Executive Director of eCornell. Krause leads the university-wide efforts to extend Cornell’s reach and impact through online professional programs, lifelong learning, executive education, and blended/online degree programs. Since 2014, Krause has led Cornell’s efforts to drive online learning innovation and growth. Previously, he worked as a senior leader in the education technology and professional education industry.

Rémy Granville

Vice President of Channel Partnerships at OpenClassrooms

After 10 years of B2B technology related missions in Australia, US and France, Rémy has held various business development roles, including the leadership of Thomson Reuters Solutions sales in Europe. Since 2018, Rémy has been part of OpenClassrooms leadership team. OpenClassrooms is an online education platform, European leader in vocational training for digital skills. The company mission is to “Make Education Accessible”.  Rémy initially led the setup of OpenClassrooms B2B business and now focuses on developing the mission through channel partnerships.