Case Study

Penn Foster and Guild Drive Talent Transformation via
Unmatched Student Outcomes


Together, Guild and Penn Foster form a mutually beneficial partnership that unlocks opportunity for America's workforce.

In this case study, you'll learn how a collaboration between Penn Foster, Guild, and an innovative employer ensures education benefits that:

  • Scale to account for any level of organizational growth
  • Adapt to large, diverse workforce populations
  • Suit working adults who are not following the traditional college trajectory

Walmart, one of the world's leading employers, works with Penn Foster and Guild to upskill talent and close internal skills gaps, thereby transforming its workforce.

Download the case study to learn more about how Penn Foster and Guild drive unmatched completion rates.

"We’re committed to making Walmart a place of opportunity. That means giving people a good, steady job that could turn into a career… These graduations are an important achievement in these associates’ lives. Their education is a launching pad for them to succeed in their jobs today and to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow."

-Julie Murphy, EVP of People, Walmart