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Parent learners represent more than a quarter of all undergraduate students in the United States today, and millions more in other postsecondary programs. They’ve heard the message that the good jobs in today’s economy—the ones that provide stability and family-sustaining wages—require postsecondary training, and they’re signing up in growing numbers.

And yet, they are still largely overlooked—met by a postsecondary system that wasn’t designed with them in mind. That’s why, despite their considerable assets, parent learners have worse educational outcomes than their non-parent peers.

Practitioners, policymakers, and entrepreneurs must build a better postsecondary system for parents. This report identifies significant opportunities to do so—such as leveraging technology to provide better data and guidance on education and career pathways, getting creative about how we provide childcare, or recognizing parent learners’ existing skills and helping them better translate them to the workforce. Improving the system won’t just be good for those individuals. It stands to change the trajectory of entire families, strengthen communities, and reboot our workforce

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Reimagining what it means to support parents in education for stronger families, a better workforce, and our future.


Creating a new talent playbook

The integration of technology, media, and information platforms and business dependencies has triggered significant mergers and acquisitions over the past decade to control the channels, the content, and the insights about the users. This has resulted in a significant overlap in the type of talent these companies are seeking.

Combine that with the pandemic—which has accelerated digital transformation and heightened competition for talent—and business leaders are finding themselves at a pivotal moment in determining talent strategy. How can you plan for different scenarios and build a workforce that is trained for the jobs of today and tomorrow?

The key is to create the right upskilling and reskilling strategy. 

To help leaders build a strong learning function and an adaptable talent playbook, this report lays out:


The 2020 Information Industry Talent Strategy Report

Workforce Trends and Reskilling Paths


The postsecondary landscape for parents today

Driving forces behind why parent learners pursue education

Opportunities for innovation to better support parents learners