Transforming Emergency Virtual Education Solutions into Effective Online Learning

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The onset of COVID-19 necessitated nearly all institutions to move classes online. This brought to light numerous pain points that exist with the digital format - many so great that they caused students to defer enrollment or cancel their education plans altogether.

However, the transition also taught us immeasurable lessons that we can employ to make online learning more equitable and effective long term. In this white paper, we dive into strategies to help academic institutions build an online learning solution that increases accessibility and student outcomes.  

This report will provide actionable insights for academic institutions looking to:

Improve learning outcomes for working adult students in a post-pandemic world.

Effective Online Learning

Creating a new talent playbook

The integration of technology, media, and information platforms and business dependencies has triggered significant mergers and acquisitions over the past decade to control the channels, the content, and the insights about the users. This has resulted in a significant overlap in the type of talent these companies are seeking.

Combine that with the pandemic—which has accelerated digital transformation and heightened competition for talent—and business leaders are finding themselves at a pivotal moment in determining talent strategy. How can you plan for different scenarios and build a workforce that is trained for the jobs of today and tomorrow?

The key is to create the right upskilling and reskilling strategy. 

To help leaders build a strong learning function and an adaptable talent playbook, this report lays out:

Effective Online Learning

The 2020 Information Industry Talent Strategy Report

Workforce Trends and Reskilling Paths

60% of students who previously learned at least partially in-person before the pandemic report a decline in their quality of education.


Download the report for more information.

60% of students who previously learned at least partially in-person before the pandemic report a decline in their quality of education.

Download the report for more information.


Darcy Monaghan

Lisa McIntyre-Hite, PhD

Darcy Monaghan is a Marketing Manager for Guild Education’s Learning Marketplace, aiming to make higher education more equitable and accessible for working adults. Prior to joining Guild, Darcy worked in marketing for five years, including roles in strategy and content development for both agency financial services clients and at NBCUniversal’s Today Show. She applies her expertise across industries to identify growth opportunities and advance thought leadership development. Darcy holds an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a B.A. from Lehigh University.

Marketing Manager, Learning Marketplace
Senior Principal, Learning Solutions

Dr. Lisa McIntyre-Hite is senior principal of learning solutions at Guild Education. Prior to joining Guild, she was vice president at Pathstream, an ed-tech start-up incubated at Entangled Solutions, where she served as a strategic advisor focused on higher education futures. McIntyre-Hite was the founding dean for competency-based education and executive director for learning innovation at Laureate Education where she developed its direct-assessment offering, seeing it through from pilot to scale. Her professional passion is rooted in the desire to take measurable steps to address inequity in educational systems and to expand access to high-quality, personalized learning ecosystems. Her research in CBE and learning innovation has been published by the Clayton Christensen Institute and is published in several peer-reviewed journals. McIntyre-Hite serves on the board of directors for the C-BEN and American Institutes of Research Advisory Board for Competency-Based Education and Learning.

Alex Cannon

Content & Marketing Manager, Learning Marketplace

Alex Cannon is a Manager of Content & Marketing for Guild’s Learning Marketplace, focused on driving driving insights from the intersection of the future of learning and the future of work . She has worked in education for the last decade, including roles in nonprofit leadership, academic consulting, higher education, and academic publishing. Most recently, Alex managed grants for Entangled Solutions, an education ecosystem-focused consultancy. She is a Practice-Based Creative Writing PhD candidate at Royal Holloway, University of London, researching trauma representation in contemporary writing.

Download the whitepaper to learn more

Build a robust, impactful online learning solution to improve online learning outcomes for students

Increase access to education for working adult learners - a population that is 88M strong

Be an exemplar institution in terms of student-centric design and faculty support

Special thanks to our contributors: Michael Horn, Mackenzie Jackson, Chacha Widodo