Education Benefits: Key Terms and Concepts


The language surrounding education is complicated. 

This guide lays out key terms and concepts that are critical to understand — both for employers and employees.

Each concept is digestible and actionable, and they work together to form the educational system and education benefits programs that influence millions of careers every day.

In this guide, you'll learn more about the following segments of education programming:

  • Payments, such as tuition reimbursement
  • For-profit vs. nonprofit schools
  • Credit for training and program eligibility

When designed strategically, education benefits positively impact recruitment, retention, and upskilling, so we'll dive into that too.

Download the guide for a better understanding of a variety of terms and concepts related to the educational journey.

“As the nature of work continues to change, Walmart is fortunate to work with companies like Guild Education to build programs that empower our associates to advance their education debt-free and grow in their careers.”

-Doug McMillon, President & CEO, Walmart


Education Benefits: Key Terms and Concepts